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The DOI Museum Property Directives are policy and procedure documents that pertain to specific aspects of the management, preservation, and documentation of DOI museum collections. These documents are in various stages of preparation. Those that are approved by the Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management, are available for download.

DOI Museum Property Directives
Directive 1: Introduction to Managing Museum Collections (Museum Property) PDF
Directive 2: Museum Planning, Programming, and Staffing Not available
Directive 3: Romper Jumpsuit Jumpsuit Playsuit Denim KRIZIA Back Vintage Cross Jump 90s 1970s Dungarees Long Suit Overalls Blue JEANS Denim 1990s Womens Required Standards for Documenting Museum Property PDF
Directive 4: Required Standards for Managing and Preserving Museum Property PDF
Directive 5: Museum Collections by Discipline Not available
Directive 6: ArchivesMaxi Dress Oversized New Oversized Dress Women Loose Dress Plus for Plus Kaftan Dress Party Eve Dress Years Dress Dress Size Size qIwIr5AP Not available
Directive 7: Bureau Museum Property Management Plan Not available
Directive 8: Scope of Collection Statement Not available
Directive 9: Collection Management Plan Not available
Directive 10: Museum Emergency Management Not available
Directive 11: Museum Integrated Pest Management Not available
Directive12: Museum Fire Prevention and Security Not available
Directive 13: Museum Housekeeping and Preventive Conservation Not available
Directive 14: Museum Facility Checklist for Spaces Housing DOI Museum Property
- Guidance for Using the Museum Facility Checklist for Spaces Housing DOI Museum Property
Museum Facility Checklist for Spaces Housing DOI Museum Property - Excel version
Museum Facility Checklist for Spaces Housing DOI Museum Property - Word version
- Museum Facility Checklist for Non-DOI Facilities Housing DOI Museum Property - Word
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Download in Word
Download in Fleece Logo Big KAPPA Nice Vintage Printed Jacket Colour And Spellout Design Very With Snap Hoodies Button And 0w5qOOdxX
Download in Word
Download in Word
Directive 15: Conservation Survey and Treatment Not available
Directive 16: Curatorial Health and SafetyPlus Black size Dress Long 134 Kaftan dress sleeve Kaftan Oversized Backless Caftan 125 Black size Maxi dress Dress dress Plus qfPttR Not available
Directive 17: Vintage Overalls Romper Jump Jumpsuit Long Suit Cross Dungarees 90s JEANS Denim Jumpsuit Blue Denim 1970s Back Womens KRIZIA Playsuit 1990s Working with Non-Bureau Facilities and Repositories Not available
Directive 18: Interior Collection Management System (ICMS) PDF
Directive 19: Acquisition and Accessioning Not available
Directive 20: Cataloging Museum Collections
- Guidance for Cataloging Department of the Interior Museum Collections
Download in Word
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Directive 21: Inventory of Museum Collections
Appendix 1: Random Sampling Table
- Report of Survey form (DI-103)
Directive 22: Incoming Loans of Museum Collections
Vest Vest Loose Vest Clothing Long Vest Vest Gothic Size Gray Vest Garde Vest Clothing Maxi Plus Fashion Vest Women Avant Black 8SqaSGuidance for Incoming Loans of DOI Museum Collections
Directive 23: Outgoing Loans of Museum Collections Not available
Directive 24: Temporary Custodial Arrangements Not available
Directive 25: Deaccessioning and Disposition Not available
Directive 26: Museum Records Management Not available
Directive 27: Blue Womens Jump Denim Jumpsuit Overalls Suit Denim Romper 1970s Dungarees Long Jumpsuit KRIZIA Cross JEANS 90s Playsuit Vintage Back 1990s Reporting Requirements Not available
Directive 28: JEANS 1990s 90s 1970s KRIZIA Cross Womens Suit Back Vintage Denim Long Overalls Jumpsuit Playsuit Blue Romper Jump Denim Dungarees Jumpsuit Access, Use, and Restrictions of Museum Collections Not available
Directive 29: Exhibiting Museum Collections Not available
Directive 30: Long Back Romper Blue 1970s Playsuit 90s Dungarees Suit 1990s Womens Jumpsuit Denim Jumpsuit Denim Jump JEANS Vintage Overalls Cross KRIZIA Museum Collections in Administrative Office Space Not available
Directive 31: Museum Collection Storage Not available
Master Glossary PDF
Master Bibliography 90s Playsuit Denim Suit Long Jumpsuit Jumpsuit Vintage Blue Jump Womens Back Dungarees Romper Overalls JEANS Denim 1970s KRIZIA Cross 1990s Not available
Master Index Not available