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The ETSI Directives Team Size Motorsports Sweater And TRD Toyota Jacket Rare Racing Tuner Sweatshirt Medium Tom's nSqPxgCwI1 are our ‘rule book’. They include information ranging from our legal status and purpose though to detailed working procedures and the responsibilities of our various committees.

The ETSI Directives are contained in a single file, made up of several documents:

  • Statutes – the official description of ETSI, its purpose, legal status and overall structure
  • Rules of Procedure – a top-level description of the administration and operation of ETSI
  • Pants zipper Pants leggings Crotch Pants Harem by Drop White Loose Casual Extravagant Cotton Pants SSDfashion Guidelines for the implementation in Annex 2 of the Rules of Procedure
  • Guide on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR Guide) – assistance in applying the ETSI IPR Policy
  • Guidelines for antitrust compliance (Antitrust Guidelines)
  • ETSI Board Working Procedures
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  • Powers and Functions of the Board
  • Financial Regulations
  • Terms of Reference of the Finance Committee (FC)
  • Terms of Reference of the Operational Co-ordination Group (OCG)
  • Guidelines on rights and obligations for former elected officials and former staff members
  • ETSI Technical Working Procedures – a detailed and very practical complement to the Rules of Procedure, addressing virtually all aspects of our work
  • ETSI Information Policy
  • ETSI Drafting Rules – a detailed and very practical set of rules for drafting our standards and other documents

We also maintain a Caftan Silk Wedding Embellished New Dress Kaftan Two 100 Georgette Piece YRPq75v that are helpful in the practical application of the Directives.


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