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Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons Gray Shirt Checked Medium

brand Junya Watanabe Man JUNYA WATANABE MAN

Mark size L

Actual size

Shoulder width: 18"

Width: 21"

Length: 29"

Sleeve length: 10"

Raw materials 100% cotton body

Another cloth 100% wool

color Blue black white

State rank [B]

Good condition. It faded and the entire surface, there is a stain and dirt in the neck and cuffs.

All the measurement taken with the garment flat on the floor

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Junya Garcons Des Shirt Large Watanabe Stripes Comme Navy zU1zqw Junya Garcons Des Shirt Large Watanabe Stripes Comme Navy zU1zqw Junya Garcons Des Shirt Large Watanabe Stripes Comme Navy zU1zqw Junya Garcons Des Shirt Large Watanabe Stripes Comme Navy zU1zqw Junya Garcons Des Shirt Large Watanabe Stripes Comme Navy zU1zqw
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 The Eighth Tradition of Dual Recovery Anonymous

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DRA Preamble

Accepting Differences

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Getting Started

12 Steps

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Watanabe Large Shirt Junya Des Stripes Navy Garcons Comme History of DRA

The DRA Crest

Junya Large Des Stripes Navy Comme Shirt Garcons Watanabe
Des Large Garcons Stripes Watanabe Junya Shirt Navy Comme
Find a Meeting
Membership Services

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Medication Issues

Register Meetings

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International News

Upcoming Events

Downloads, PDFs

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8. "D.R.A. is a volunteer, self-help organization. To carry out our service work, we may employ special workers, form committees and coordinate projects."

A core principle behind the Eighth Tradition guides us to steer clear of the profit motive where our Primary Purpose is concerned. Twelfth Step work is never charged for but we may hire people and pay for needed services to support the work of our Group Service Work Committees, Intergroups, National Service Committees, and World Network Central Office.

IN OUR OWN WORDS: Members share their thoughts on the Eighth Tradition

I'm happy that DRA happens because of the volunteer efforts of recovering people just like me. I feel that this is MY thing...   separate from all the doctors, housing authorities, and treatment team professionals I have to deal with. The whole thing here is empowering... self-empowering.

I guess some people could actually work for DRA. Maybe at the World Network Office or a big Intergroup. People with special skills maybe. I mean, I'm sure DRA has to hire lawyers and bean-counters sometimes and people to do the things that aren't Twelfth Step oriented but need to be done just the same.

We have a yearly pot-luck picnic to celebrate the anniversary of our Group. Each year we ask for volunteers to organize and publicize it. We call it our picnic committee. Once we get four or five people who are willing, they vote on a chairperson and figure out the best way to structure their committee to get the various jobs done. At our monthly business meetings their chairperson gives a report on their progress and we discuss issues like funding and take the Group Conscience when needed to make decisions on things like when, where, and how much. We have a pretty big Group and we've found that forming smaller committees like this for special projects is very effective and saves a lot of time and chaos.

Navy Shirt Garcons Des Stripes Watanabe Comme Large Junya We make up DRA meeting schedules for the groups in our area. We pay a quick-print shop to print and fold them because ink-jet cartridges are just way too expensive and the ink runs when it gets wet. We think this is the same as employing special workers so we can do our service work.

I think of DRA as a total program of freedom and choice. We volunteer to come to meetings. We volunteer to participate and share. We voluntarily decide to help ourselves and even reach out to help others. We volunteer to help out with service work. We volunteer to be in dual recovery one day at a time.

I remember the first time a person came up to me after a meeting and told me how helpful what I had shared during the meeting was to them. I was surprised because I was just dumping some feelings and frustrations I was having about a fairly personal issue. It was then that I realized that just by sharing honestly I had somehow made another person feel less alone. By helping myself I had touched another persons life in a positive way. There is a lot more to this self-help business than first meets the eye. DRA meetings are a process that somehow is bigger than all of the individual elements that make up the group. It starts with self help maybe but that soon grows into mutual support and love.

Des Large Shirt Comme Watanabe Navy Garcons Stripes Junya

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Fellowship Traditions Discussion Booklet This section of web site in downloadable printable PDF Adobe Reader format

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DRA's Preamble Explained - Our Traditions and Founding Vision 

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1 The primary purpose of D.R.A. is to carry the message of recovery to men and women who experience a dual disorder.
2 D.R.A. has two requirements for membership; a desire to stop using alcohol and other intoxicating drugs, and a desire to manage our emotional or psychiatric illness in a healthy and constructive way.
3 We welcome men and women of all personal beliefs, our program is one of personal freedom and choice.
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90's Light Men's Vintage Rare Sz LARGE Jacket ONLY" Khaki Beige "MEMBERS Exclusive RwAxqf 5 Each group is independent, to better meet the recovery needs of our members. We are sensitive to the well being and unity of other groups and to D.R.A. as a whole.90's Light Men's Vintage Rare Sz LARGE Jacket ONLY" Khaki Beige "MEMBERS Exclusive RwAxqf
Junya Stripes Shirt Comme Des Navy Large Garcons Watanabe 6 To maintain our primary purpose, we avoid all outside distractions. We need not become involved in financial entanglements, lend the D.R.A. name for outside activities and issues, or become drawn into public controversy.
7 Every DRA group ought to be self-supporting.
Shirt Junya Stripes Watanabe Large Comme Garcons Navy Des 8 D.R.A. is a volunteer, self-help organization. To carry out our service work, we may employ special workers, form committees and coordinate projects.
Crochet Stripes Rainbow Pants Pants Rainbow Crochet Stripes Crochet rR0nW4zr Our individual dual recovery depends on D.R.A. unity. We carry the message through our personal recovery and our service work.
X Champions" Vintage Collector's Tee Item 1996 Sz NBA "CHICAGO Large Rare Double Rap Sided 1996 Deadstock BULLS COqxpccYw5 D.R.A. is a non-professional program. We do not provide chemical dependency, mental health or other social services. D.R.A. has no opinion regarding the appropriate use of medications or other methods of managing our symptoms.
Junya Stripes Watanabe Comme Garcons Large Navy Des Shirt
11 In D.R.A. we share an equal partnership in dual recovery. Our traditions and service work help us maintain the integrity of our program, to provide for others and to enhance the unity of D.R.A. as a whole.
12 Personal anonymity is the right of every D.R.A. member. We practice anonymity at the level of public media.
Download PDF Booklet  of this entire Fellowship Discussion portion of the web site on The Twelve Traditions of DRA. Adobe® Acrobat® required

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Dual Recovery Anonymous
World Network Central Office
P.O. Box 8107, Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208
Toll Free 1-877-883-2332

 This web site is created and maintained by Shirt Large Des Stripes Navy Comme Junya Garcons Watanabe The DRA World Service Central Office, Dual Recovery Anonymous World Network Inc.

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