Architecture d'intérieur Jean-Michel Laberge

Jean-Michel Laberge, Engineer and Designer
is now living closer to his clients in Westmount

Jean-Michel Laberge, acclaimed interior designer to several famous homes in Westmount and throughout Montreal since 1985, is pleased to offer his services: from decorating to coordinating small and large renovation projects. He works in a range of styles and often incorporates contemporary design into period settings.

JML harmonizes interiors to maximize the potential of each house and adapts it to new realities and needs. He specializes in high craftsmanship and will personalise an ambiance by:

  • Updating woodwork, existing architectural details and windows,
    adding or repairing plaster mouldings.
  • Installing themed bathrooms which answers today’s need,
    revamp or install new motif hardwood floors, in order to uplift the rendering of the house.
"We can work together to create new architectural themes that will be both aesthetic and functional."
JeanMichel Laberge

Jean-Michel’s proficiency varies anywhere from:

  • Building a greenhouse extension
  • Adding an extra floor to the house
  • Renovating an attic to add additional rooms
  • Completely gutting a house for new layout and architectural finishings.

"You can also call on us just to renovate a kitchen, bathroom or any room in your house. You may just want to enhance the decor in your home by only changing colours. I can suggest colours that will reflect your personality. Discover the colours that reflect who you are, based on my ability to work intuitively.

"Our small team offers with decoration and interior design consulting, architectural plans, renovations and general contractor tenders. This unusual concept enables you to be serviced by one team and therefore you avoid having to use many independent companies and services to coordinate the work, as this is my expertise as an engineer and designer. "I also have a long list of credible suppliers and sub contractors to work with us."

Designing for the past 15 years has given us a practical sense in approaching the dynamics of renovating an old home and preserving what is necessary. We have acquired the appreciation and value of bringing new life to heritage homes. In addition, we welcome the sleek lines and simple interiors of contemporary homes. "I look forward to visiting you to help you realize the vision of your personalized and unique home."

You may have or may be considering purchasing a new house and would appreciate some advice on dollar value or renovation possibilities to adapt to your specific expectations and requirements and/or budget. "I have accompanied clients during their prospect visits to guide them to the potential house they may be interested in acquiring, in order to adapt it to their vision." All work is completed to an exceptionally high standard with paramount attention to detail.